• The Ultra-Thin Mac Charger That is so Much More

Your Type-C Laptop charger, wireless charger for your other devices and a USB-C hub.

Charge All Your Gadgets With One Device

TOOYN Charger incorporates QI charging to allow convenient wireless charging. Forget about unnecessary cables. TOOYN Charger has you covered, charging at variable wattage to protect and quickly charge your devices. This allows you to charge your iPhone,  Apple Watch and AirPods wirelessly, without any hassle.

Finally There is a Charger Matching Your Macbook.

The TOOYN design was inspired by the latest Macbooks. Tastefully crafted with complimenting style and color combination this device is made to be your Mac’s best friend. Color options include Space Grey, Rose-gold, Silver.

Available for both US and EU users this 30W charger comes with a 5 feet (1.5 meters) long cable so wherever you are the TOOYN will be by your side.

The Story

TOOYN Charger was developed, as a solution for the problem of staying effectively connected to the environment with a MacBook, that we constantly face in our daily lives.

Being an active start-up team, we need to use all the capabilities our tech can give us, and being unable to do so, is a huge stress. So we decided, we need a MacBook charger, that can do more, than simply charge your MacBook. It’s 21st century after all!

And we started the product we wished for: a MacBook charger, that will also connect us to our environment and charge our iPhones or Apple Watches. And while making it functional, we also had to make it look awesome and as small as possible. So the TOOYN Charger was born.

Super Small Sized and Light-Weight

It’s time to stop cluttering your bag with bulky dongles. The TOOYN Charger is feature packed in a super compact package.

Sized 5.4″ x 2.8″ (13.7 cm x 7cm), with 0.7″ (1.9cm) height, it is roughly the size of your smartphone.

The size plays a huge role in ease of carrying the device as it is pocket sized.

 Only the lightest and most durable materials were used when crafting this device. The complete TOOYN Charger weighs about 5.6 oz (160 g), making it one of the lightest chargers in the market.

TOOYN Charger at CES 2019